August 18, 2021

Officers Quick Response to Robbery Call Leads to Prompt Arrest

​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – VBPD officers' quick response to a report of a robbery of a citizen leads to a prompt arrest.

On August 17, 2021 at 10:55 a.m. the victim called 911 to report that a male had just tried to rob her of her belongings in the 5300 block of Grand Lakes Crescent. The victim believed the suspect was armed with a gun. Responding officers quickly converged in the area and located the suspect, who matched the description provided by the victim.

While the suspect was being detained, detectives acquired additional evidence of the robbery. As the suspect, 18-year old Thomas Johnson was being arrested, he resisted and attempted to flee. Officers effectively placed him under arrest without incident.

Thomas Johnson was charged with robbery, carjacking, grand larceny, and obstruction of justice. It was later learned that Johnson had outstanding warrants out of another jurisdiction for grand larceny.

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