July 14, 2021

New Police Recruitment Campaign Highlights Hiring Bonus, Pay Increase and New Lateral Transfer Program

Fall 2021 Class Exclusively for In-State Certified Police Officers; Testing Offered July 27 in Richmond

Virginia Beach, Va. (July 13, 2021) --- The July 2021 and February 2022 police recruit classes are filling up, which is particularly welcome news during a time when law enforcement agencies are facing hiring shortages. With more than 110 vacancies yet to fill, the Virginia Beach Police Department has launched a new advertising campaign to attract current Virginia certified police officers to join their ranks.

"While police departments all over the country are experiencing reduced funding, City leadership is investing millions in pay raises, technology upgrades and enhanced benefits," said Virginia Beach Police Chief Paul Neudigate. "We have more to offer potential candidates than many communities, and this campaign focuses on what makes the department and Virginia Beach stand out as a top choice. In particular, we think our new lateral transfer program is a compelling option for Virginia certified officers looking for more."

And more is exactly what the campaign is about - with the slogan "Do More, Have More, Be More," digital and video ad messaging communicate key attributes of Virginia Beach's law enforcement team including the variety of specialized career paths, the workplace perks and the desirability of a vibrant coastal city.

Below is a summary of the new benefit offerings:


A bonus totaling $5,000 for certified hires is now being offered for candidates who are Virginia DCJS Certified, with 12 months police experience after completion of training or are currently certified as a law enforcement officer from another state with at least 12 months experience.


The new starting salary of $51,000 for current Virginia DCJS certified officers and Academy graduates is the highest in the region.


With July 2021 Police Academy seats full and February 2022 Academy seats almost at capacity, the Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) recruitment team will head to Richmond, VA July 27, 2021 to offer testing to in-state certified officers looking to transfer to the beach via a new, condensed eight-week October 2021 training program. The goal of the new program is to allow existing Virginia Department of Criminal Justices Services (DCJS) certified police officers to transition to Virginia Beach in less than eight weeks versus the traditional 24-week new officer training program. Offering a Richmond testing site will make travel for testing more convenient for officers in northern, central and western Virginia.


Existing Virginia DCJS certified police officers can apply and select the July 27 Richmond testing date option within the application here or https://phg.tbe.taleo.net/phg02/ats/careers/v2/viewRequisition?org=VBGOV&cws=37&rid=34186:

  • Applications must be received by July 18 in order to test in Richmond on July 27.
  • Applicants must be Virginia DCJS certified police officers.
  • Limited seating is available and will be on a first-come, first-serve basis from when application is received.

The lateral transfer program is planned to be offered quarterly throughout the year and tailored for out-of-area transfer candidates. Those who complete the October 2021 program will be able to serve within the Virginia Beach community as soon as January 2022. For step-by-step instructions, visit https://www.vbgov.com/government/departments/police/careers/Pages/Lateral-Transfers.aspx.

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