October 28, 2021

MFF Jessie Clark Named the Virginia Beach Fire Department’s 2021 Firefighter of the Year!

​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (October 28, 2021— Master Firefighter Jessie Clark was named the Virginia Beach Fire Department's 2021 Firefighter of the Year at the department's annual awards ceremony on Wednesday, Oct. 27. Clark was presented the prestigious award by STIHL representatives, Ted Handler and John Allen, for his dedication, leadership and service to the Department.

Firefighter of the Year is awarded to a firefighter that embraces and demonstrates the department's core values:

  • Service - Professional and trained workforce, providing for other before self.
  • Caring - Using empathy and sympathy for addressing situations.
  • Honesty - Just behavior principled in intention and actions.
  • Trust - Reliance on the department and individuals following our core values.
  • Integrity - Moral and ethical conduct at all times

Clark has been with the department since February 16, 2008. He has been assigned to Station 19 (Stumpy Lake), Station 2 (Davis Corner), Station 7 (Town Center) and most recently Resource Management, where he was temporarily assigned on light duty to assist with a variety of projects. Because of his excellent performance after coming off of light duty, he was asked to stay on in Resource Management. In the short time of being on Temporary Duty Assignment, Clark helped to show the need and the benefit of having competent firefighters on staff at the logistics warehouse. He also had become a department purchaser, a certified forklift operator, and had taken additional administrative courses to help improve not only his own skills but assist those around him.

Fire Chief Dave Hutcheson stated that, "MFF Clark is most deserving of this distinguished award. He is selfless, self-motivated, and humble. He puts the needs of the team and mission before himself."

Comments from peers include, MFF Clark is a model firefighter for the VBFD and fosters our mission each and every day. He consistently comes to work with a positive attitude and wants to make an impact with everything he does. He has been nothing short of outstanding and a consummate professional. MFF Clark places the mission at the forefront each day he dawns the uniform. Every action is orchestrated to ensure the department is running effectively and efficiently. Young firefighters and officers hone their craft with Jessie at their side, and they are left stronger and more competent because of his influence and candor. I have always been impressed with his professionalism and absolute dedication to job.

The presentation to MFF Clark can be found at https://youtu.be/Yf4ylFn8ELM.

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