November 30, 2021

City Statement Regarding Officer-Involved Shooting of Donovon Lynch Investigation

The death of Donovon Lynch was a tragedy, and his family has endured an unfathomable loss. The grand jury's conclusion that the officer's actions were deemed not criminal does not change that fact. Neither does it change how people feel about what happened that night.

The focus now will be to conduct an administrative investigation to determine whether the officer acted in compliance with departmental policy. The administrative review always occurs after the completion of the criminal investigation as to not interfere with the function of the criminal justice system. Like the criminal investigation, the administrative investigation will consider all available information regarding the incident and the conditions in which the officer found himself. We anticipate this process will be concluded no later than end of first quarter 2022. This case will be reviewed by the newly authorized Independent Citizen Review Board once operational.

Officer Simmons remains on administrative assignment while the department completes the internal investigation.

City Manager Patrick Duhaney

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