May 14, 2020

City Council Approves Additional Opportunities for Restaurants to Serve ‘Al Fresco’ During Phase I

​Restaurants now have expanded options for serving diners during Phase I of Forward Virginia, the Governor's plans for reopening businesses.The City Council approved temporary changes to the City's Code to allow restaurants to create outdoor restaurant seating adjacent to or in close proximity of the restaurant so long as the restaurant complies with the Governor's Executive Orders 61 and 62 and the rules promulgated by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority. A City permit is required only if the restaurant seeks to use City property, such as sidewalks or other areas, for outdoor dining. Although no permit fee is required, applicants must submit an application with attachments and obtain an insurance policy naming the City as an insured entity. Applying for a permit is free, and permits will expire 30 days after the end of the Statewide Declaration of Public Health Emergency unless terminated sooner. A permit may be revoked for noncompliance. To apply, go to or click here.Under a separate ordinance, the City Council suspended fees for resort open air café franchises through the calendar year 2020, and to provide revenue offsets, reduced by $304,864 the FY 20 Reserve for Future Use in the Tourism Investment Program. For more information, contact Kathy Warren of the Strategic Growth Area Office at (757) 385-2901.# # #

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