August 25, 2020

Arrest of VBPD Officer

​Earlier in the year, the Virginia Beach Police Department received information about one of our officers. This information led the Department to initiate a criminal investigation and place the officer on administrative assignment. This criminal investigation is being led by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and fully supported by the Virginia Beach Police Department. The criminal investigation is ongoing. That investigation has led to today's arrest of 24-year-old Hugo Diaz-Rivera, who was charged with 7 counts of possessing a schedule III substance without having a valid prescription (Code of Virginia 18.2-250). He was immediately suspended without pay and is being held at the Virginia Beach Correctional Facility on a no bond status. Diaz-Rivera has been with the department, assigned to the uniform patrol division, since November 2018. The Office of Internal Affairs will continue with the responsibility of conducting the appropriate internal administrative review. As there are ongoing investigations; no further details will be released at this time. MPO Linda J KuehnVirginia Beach Police / Public Affairs Officer

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