June 12, 2020

Acting City Manager Tom Leahy Makes Statement Regarding Future of Confederate Monument

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. ( June 12, 2020) — I am sending a letter to City Council this evening to make recommendations regarding the future of the Confederate monument. Under current law, the City does not have the authority to remove the monument. However, as of July 1, the relevant law will allow the City to consider multiple options including removal or relocation of the monument. With that said, I have ordered that the Confederate monument be covered, and a fence be erected around it. The monument is and will be monitored by two video cameras and by police officers. I have done this for the following reasons:To protect people from hurting themselves or othersTo abide by our laws and regulationsTo protect property I am scheduling a public hearing in July as required by the legislation that will take effect July 1. We are currently working with the City Clerk to schedule the public hearing and will announce the date as soon as we have it confirmed. # # #

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