February 24, 2021

2020 Part 1 Crime Review

​Yesterday, Chief Paul Neudigate presented City Council a thorough overview of Part 1 Crime statistics for the year 2020. Part 1 Crimes consist of both Violent Crimes (murder, aggravated assault, rape, robbery) and select Property Crimes (burglary, motor vehicle thefts, thefts from motor vehicle, and all other thefts).

In the City of Virginia Beach, there was a 13.2% overall reduction of Part 1 Crime for 2020. When broken down into the two sub-categories, Violent crime decreased 7.6% and Property crime decreased 13.6%. This yearly decline corresponds with the five-year downward trend that has occurred in both areas as overall Part 1 crime has decreased 23% over the past five years, with Part 1 Violent also down 23% and Part 1 Property down 28% over the same time period.

While there was an increase of 37 additional victims of gun violence last year, there was a significant decrease of those that resulted in death with total homicides being down -43% compared to 2019. While we experienced reductions that was not the norm nationwide as a survey conducted by the Major Cities Chiefs Association found that, on average, homicides were up approximately 32% in most large cities across the country.

Even though Virginia Beach experienced a reduction in overall Part 1 crime, the Virginia Beach Police Department (VBPD) is continuing its efforts in to address violent crime, with a specific emphasis on shooting violence, to include re-tasking personnel and incorporating technology and actionable data into our policing efforts. One example of this shift change is the Chief’s recently implemented Weekly Analysis for VBPD’s Engagement and Strategies (WAVES) process. WAVES is the public facing, weekly comprehensive review of Part I crime data to assist the VBPD in being more strategic in using timely data to assist with crime reduction strategies and personnel deployment.

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