November 29, 2021

2 Men Charged for Illegal Gun Purchases / Transactions

​VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. – Two men have been charged with crimes related to the straw purchase of firearms. A straw purchase is the intentional purchase of a firearm for another person who would be unable to pass a federal background check or would otherwise not want to be associated with a firearm purchase. Both buyer and seller of the firearms can be held responsible for these illegal acts.

An extensive investigation was launched after evidence recovered from a concealed weapons arrest revealed interactions between individuals who conspired to make illegal gun purchases.

21-year-old Micah Elisha Etheridge of Virginia Beach and 21-year-old Markee Jermaine Brown of Portsmouth have been charged with crimes related to these straw purchases. Etheridge is facing 2 counts of solicitation of a firearm purchase by an ineligible person. Brown is facing 2 counts of purchasing a firearm with the intent to resell to an ineligible person.

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