November 16, 2022

Election Results Are In: New Members Will Join City Council and School Board in January

Residents voted under a new 10-1 district system for the first time this year.

Council Dais

Following the first election using the City’s 10-1 election system, some new faces will join the Virginia Beach City Council and School Board.

City Council Results

  • District 1 – N.D. “Rocky” Holcomb III (reelected to office)
  • District 2 – Barbara M. Henley (reelected to office)
  • District 4 – Amelia Ross-Hammond (newly elected Council member)
  • District 6 – Robert W. “Worth” Remick (newly elected Council member)
  • District 8 – Chris Taylor (newly elected Council member)
  • District 9 – Joashua F. “Joash” Schulman (newly elected Council member)
  • District 10 – Jennifer V. Rouse (newly elected Council member)

School Board Results

  • District 2 – Kimberly A. Melnyk (reelected to office)
  • District 4 – Staci R. Martin (newly elected Board member)
  • District 6 – Michael R. Callan (newly elected Board member)
  • District 8 – David C. Culpepper (newly elected Board member)
  • District 9 – Carolyn D. Weems (reelected to office)
  • District 10 – Kathleen J. Brown (newly elected Board member)

The Virginia Beach City Council members are scheduled to be sworn in on Jan. 3, 2023. The School Board will hold a swearing-in ceremony at its Dec. 13 meeting, with the members’ terms being effective in January.

Districts that were not up for reelection this year will appear on ballots in 2024, along with the Mayor’s position and a single at-large seat for the School Board. Learn more about the changes to our local election system.

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