August 22, 2023

Beyond the Ballot: How You Can Support Voting in Our Community

Sign up to be an election official for the upcoming General Election
Election officials checking in voters

In the November 2022 elections, 161,753 votes were cast in Virginia Beach. Each person casting a vote was checked in by an election official who verified their registration information and later assisted with the secure and accurate counting of those votes. These officials, often called poll workers, ensure the smooth operation of our elections, and they could use some extra help.

In Virginia Beach, it takes about 1,300 election officials to staff each of our 108 precincts for a General Election, like the one coming up on Nov. 7. These individuals do any number of tasks from greeting voters as they come in and making sure they have the appropriate documentation ready, to checking voters in and confirming their registration, and assisting voters, when asked, if they have any questions or concerns about their ballot.

Anyone who signs up to be an election official receives training to prepare them for their assigned duties and are expected to follow the Virginia election guidelines and standards. Interested individuals should meet the requirements and qualifications listed below.

For questions about being an election official, contact the Office of Voter Registration & Elections by phone at (757) 385-8683 or send an email to The deadline to sign up for the Nov. 7 election is Sept. 29.

In addition to playing a vital role in our election process, being an election official is a way to make a little extra money. Those who complete the required training and serve on Election Day will be paid for their time - $265 in total.

Whatever your motivation for participating be it a sense of civic duty, curiosity about how our election system works or maybe you just want to make some extra cash, the Office of Voter Registration & Elections will be grateful for your help.

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Requirements and Essential Qualifications

  • Must be a registered voter of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Cannot hold an elected office or be the employee of an elected official.
  • Must attend a training session.
  • Be able to speak, read, and write English.
  • Maintain patience when interacting with a variety of people during a long day.
  • Must not engage in any political conversation with voters and/or fellow Election Officials.
  • Cannot communicate any bias or opinions on the election or any of the candidates at the polling location.
  • Must be willing to do what is necessary to maintain and secure the voting environment.
  • Election Officials work for the Electoral Board and follow the guidelines and standards that lead to exceptional customer service in guiding our citizens to a successful and positive voting experience.

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