Talent Bank

If you're interested in serving on one of the city's 60 member-appointed boards and commissions, let ​​​​City Council know by way of the Talent Bank.
Appointed Agencies

​​​​City Council appoints members to approximately 60 various boards and commissions as terms expire or appointees resign. If you live in Virginia Beach and are interested in serving on any of these appointed agencies, complete a confidential form through the Talent Bank from which City Council members can review and select qualified residents. Some of the agencies are strictly volunteering without any compensation. Others, established by State Code, allow "token" compensation and some reimbursement of expenses incurred.

At the beginning of each year, City Council is provided with a record of boards and commission appointments that are scheduled to expire. Forty-five days prior to each expiration date, City Council is again given the names, terms, and term expiration of each agency. Appointees eligible for reappointment to that agency, plus a list of citizens in the Talent Bank who are interested in serving that specific agency, are provided to City Council until all appointments are made.

Appointments are listed on the City Council’s agenda for each Tuesday’s formal session until appointments are made. When the appointments are made, a letter is prepared for the Mayor's signature to each appointee with a copy provided to the City Attorney and Commonwealth's Attorney to satisfy the Freedom of Information and Conflict of Interest statutes.

The letter also informs the appointee if an oath is required and requests a resume if one is not on file. Appointments to the School Board require specific advertising, a public hearing, and City Council interviews.

Appointments to the Community Services Board are subject to public notice prior to the appointment and all Community Service Board resumes are subject to public information as specific qualifications are mandated by state law.​

If you are interested in serving on a City Council-appointed board, committee, commission, or task force, download one of the applications below and open it in Adobe Acrobat to complete and sign.

Serve on the Talent Bank
Download and fill out a general application.
Download and fill out a student application.
Download and fill out this application for these two boards.
Download and fill out this specific application for the ICRB.
Let Council know your desire to serve an additional term.
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